I am officially injured. At least for the time being. Longer than that I refuse to fathom. Last year I was injured for three months, in a similar location. My right lower back is seared with pain. My bum and hamstring on that side don’t feel great either. The term “stress fracture” looms on the edge of my mind, but I refuse to give it credence. Not yet. I’ve agreed to a week away from running. Then I will reevaluate. Then I will admit it isn’t from the cold weather. And it isn’t from my period. Not yet, though. Not yet. 

For the  next week I will nurse my stubborn back with yoga and stretching, foam rolling and heating pads. I will find the most comfortable postures and exploit them until I find relief. I will be a good injured patient. I will be a patient person. I will understand that healing takes its time; it is a process unbothered by my VITAL NEED to run. I will remember that healing always refuses to begin until I settle down. 

As I prepare myself for this period of rest, I am experimenting with various postures, learning what is comfortable and what makes me shake in pain. The most enjoyable position is a low squat, hips wide and body low. Cross-legged on the ground is also nice, as long as my glutes aren’t too tight, because then the pain is red-hot. Standing after sitting is the worst, as is standing for long periods of time or trying to move too quickly. Doing dishes was mildy tolerable, but I think that’s only because the anxiety of not doing them was worse. I did not enjoy my recent walk down the stairs.

The heating pad, though, that feels excellent. It will be in my constant repetiore as I remember how to slow my energies and rejuvenate my body. 


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