The pain just keeps coming along 

As hard as I try, I am having an impossible time thinking about anything other than my injury and pain for more than a few minutes. The chronic stress of this is debilitating: it means I do not accomplish very much, I cannot concentrate, and I am often crabby. 


Tomorrow I have an appointment with my doctor, after which I will hopefully have a better idea of what is actually going on with my body, as well as an action plan.  This period between injury and diagnosis is always difficult. I know that the lack of a clear understanding of my situation is only adding to my stress. I have theories (a stress fracture somewhere in my hip or lower back region) but those are inconclusive at best. 

I am anxious to begin a rehab program. I am very goal-oriented and find that physical therapy (however difficult) provides me with the structure I crave. The correlating sense of control I feel when grueling through exercises is also nice. 

This state of all-consuming pain will have a resolution. It must. Or I might lose my mind. 


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