With writing, is consistency more important or competency? 

I wrote a bunch of notes this morning for today’s blog topic, but I do not have time to edit them well and therefore am reticent to post them. I considered forgoing my goal to post a new entry here every day for one month, even though I have two full weeks left. Instead, I considered writing in my journal daily, and posting here perhaps every other day, or when I have an acceptable piece. I don’t want to fill this site with drivel just for the sake of writing. Bad writing is not necessarily better than no writing, just like running junk miles is not necessarily better than taking a day off. Consistently is important, but sometimes it can form sloppy habits. 

I worry, though, that taking away the accountability of a public post will make me less motivated to write anything anywhere, even in my journal. Without this public forum, will I abandon my new habit (if, indeed, the habit has even formed)? 

Also, is adaptability important, or is pushing through the hard patches? Which lesson do I want to learn? 

And so I post the question to you, readers: Would you rather have seven installments here a week, of varying levels of competency? Or one or two more polished pieces? I am enjoying the process of writing here and connecting to the essay-form. But I am grappling with the best way to proceed. 


One thought on “With writing, is consistency more important or competency? 

  1. I’d say post as often as you feel like it. Initially, I posted very frequently, then would go off when I felt I was getting lazy and mindless. It’s really a process. Now I post when I feel like it without bothering too much about being perfect. My blog is really a journal so I figure I can write as I please.
    Writing and running and running and writing … They seem to be interlinked for me. Wish you well.


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