Don’t blame the poor for the actions of the powerful

The later I wait in the day, the harder it becomes to write. Still, here I am, determined to put some thoughts (however few) into words. I’m giving myself ten minutes, and then I’m done.

I just finished reading an article that seems to blame the lead poisoning in Flint on the city’s residents. Had they not elected officials who then made bad decisions that put the municipality into receivership and necessitated an emergency city manager, no one would have lead poisoning.

Another fault of the people: being too poor to bolster their economy, upkeep their infrastructure, or afford the high prices charged by Detroit for clean water.

That no political official, no administrator at the EPA, no doctor noticed or cared that the city was filled with increasingly ill people is also the fault of the residents: they should have engineered their community to reverse entrenched social policy and corruption. Really, what is happening in Flint is a case of an inept populace. That the people in power did nothing to help prevent a public health crisis is immaterial.

I agree with the article’s stance that blame should not fall solely on the shoulders of Governor Snyder who inherited the systemic mismanagement resulting in the water crisis. But I do not think Flint residents, 40 percent of whom live in poverty, should be held accountable for the decisions of politicians.

And now that I have finished my political rant, I think I will go to bed.




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